Sunday, October 23, 2011

vE5Pa Oh Ve5P4

staraight de poin lh yer..
hujung minngu tadi den donga omak den pi tasik titiwangso.. trjumpe lh satu event ni.. namo nyo jambori vespa..

nk jadi kn cite den amek lh gambo.. saje2 nk mencapap dokat sano..
maklom lh canon d110 lh katokan.. hehe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SurVivAL KoReA

SurVivAL DoRoNg KoReA HaSiL DrAmA

  Tentunya masih segar dalam ingatan kita bagaimana drama Winter Sonata- produk dari Korea Selatan yang mencipta fenomena tersendiri di negaran ini.

Ketika itu, sana sini memperkatakan tentag drama bersiri yang dibintangi Bae Yong Joon dan Choi Ji Woo itu. Semuanya bagaikan dipanah cinta dan dipukau dengan drama tersebut.Meneruskan kelangsungan kejayaan drama Winter Sonata, deretan drama Korea mula membanjiri televisyen di negara ini.


Kawasan Pembikinan Winter Sonata

 Nami Island

  Muncullah drama-drama seperti Stairway To Heaven, Full House, Autumn In My Heart, My Girl, Love Story In Harvard, Meteor Garden, Boys Over Flowers, Oh! My Lady dan banyak lagi sehingga tidak terhitung jumlahnya.Kesan yang terhasil daripada drama-drama Korea ini memang bukan kecil-kecil anak.

Sungkwon Skandel

One Fine Day

Cruel Love

Drama too beautiful to lie

Pengaruhnya memang cukup besar. Sehingga berjaya membantu industri pelancongan di negara itu. Apa tidaknya, kerana drama-drama terbabit berduyun-duyun peminatnya meluangkan masa dan bercuti ke Korea Selatan.

Seoul pada wktu malam

Cuti~cuti Ke Seoul..

Semuanya kerana mahu melihat sendiri keindahan alam semula jadi dan persekitarannya seperti mana yang digambarkan menerusi sinematogafi yang digambarkan menerusi sinematografi yang cukup cemerlang menerusi drama-drama kelahiran negara itu.

Barisan Perlakon Boys Over Flower  

Boyz Over Flower

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bruno Juz De Wayz

 Juz De Wayz 

It’s better if you don’t understand; just listen and have a good time. That’s the response Bruno Mars will give you with a smile when asked to describe his sound and music. He would much rather sing, perform, and write his songs than talk about them, but that is becoming more and more unavoidable these days. It might seem that Mars appeared out of nowhere, co-writing, producing and performing on B.o.B’s #1 “Nothin’ On You” followed by Travie McCoy’s chart-climbing “Billionaire”, but he makes one thing clear: “It’s not an overnight success”.


Mars is a multitalented singer, songwriter, producer and musician who feels most at home when he’s performing. Born to a musical family in Honolulu, Hawaii, he was practically raised on the stage. His father, a Latin percussionist from Brooklyn, organized a Vegas-style revue that featured the entire family, including his mother, a talented vocalist. When a four-year-old Mars observed his family performing Motown hits, doo-wop medleys and impersonations for enthusiastic crowds all over his native Waikiki Beach, “I was jealous!” says Mars with a laugh. “My dad put me on stage and I remember singing an Elvis song and that was it. Ever since that moment, I’ve been addicted.”
Rich in diverse music from all over the globe, Honolulu was an exciting hometown for the budding singer/songwriter. On one end of the spectrum, his home was filled with the 1950s classics that were his father’s passion. Meanwhile, the city is rich in traditional sounds, including reggae, rock and folk music, as well as the latest pop hits. “Hawaii is basically in the middle of the world, so you’re exposed to every type of music over there,” explains Mars.
As soon as he graduated high school, Mars left Hawaii for Los Angeles with dreams of launching his career as a performer. Those dreams got put on hold, however, when The Smeezingtons, the songwriting/production team he founded with Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine, suddenly took off. The pair has crafted major hits for a diverse roster of talent, including Flo Rida’s “Right Round”, Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire”, Brandy’s “Long Distance” and K’Naan’s “Waving Flags”, which is the theme song for the upcoming World Cup.
Mars describes his time behind the scenes as important to his development as an artist. “I realized that you have to go into this industry as an artist with a clear vision and understanding of who you are. Being so young when I was first signed, I never really had a sense of who I wanted to be. Now things are really working out because everything that I’m singing, writing and composing is really me.”
 It’s better if you don’t understand.” 
On the heels of “Nothin’ on You” and “Billionaire” and as a preview of what’s to come from Bruno Mars, Elektra Records is releasing a 4-song EP aptly titled “It’s Better If You Don’t Understand”. The title is taken from a lyric to “The Other Side”; one of the songs included that features Cee-Lo Green and re-teams Mars with B.o.B. The song depicts the musician’s current routine. “It’s basically a story of the lifestyle you end up living as an artist and how I would describe it to a girl I just met to try and explain, but in the end…  It’s better if you don’t understand.”  

Senarai Sekolah Terbaik Di Malaysia

10 Sekolah Berasama Di Malaysia

Ø  Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Johor Bahru
Ø  Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak, Seremban
Ø  Sekolah Menegah Sultan Abdul Halim, Kedah
Ø  Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar, Perak
Ø  Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban
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4 Sekolah Harian Di Malaysia

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6 Sekolah Rendah Terbaik Di Malaysia

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Ø  Sekolah Kebangsaan Convent Kota, Perak
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Ø  Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Baru Uda 2, Johor Bahru